Monday, June 8, 2015

The Walk and Everest Trailers

News flash: If you're afraid of heights, you may want to avoid movie theaters all-together this fall. A pair of thrilling and life-defying movies have released trailers this week. First up is Robert Zemeckis' The Walk starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. From the filmmaker who brought us Back to the Future, Forrest Gump and Flight, his newest entry follows the life of French high-wire enthusiast, Philippe Petit (Gordon-Levitt) who masterminded the artistic crime of the century when he illegally set up a tightrope stunt between the World Trade Center towers in 1974. Gordon-Levitt appears to display some of his finest acting chops to date and I'd say it's safe to call The Walk a potential awards season contender.

Another film featuring majestic views and unspeakable elevations is Balttasar Kormakur's Everest, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and Keira Knightley. This two and a half hour epic examines a team of mountaineers and climbers who attempted to conquer Mount Everest in 1996 and encountered a vicious blizzard in the process. Full of action, drama and worlds of intensity, Everest tells a familiar story with spellbinding special effects that could ultimately find the film in some technical categories at the Oscars. Check out the debut trailer for this September release below.

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