Sunday, February 16, 2014

Joe and The Purge: Anarchy Trailers

I've never been much of a Nicolas Cage fan, but word on the street is he delivers quite the comeback performance in the new drama Joe. Cage stars as the title character who is an ex-con living in the contemporary south that befriends a teenager (played by Mud's Tye Sheridan) struggling to protect his family against an abusive alcoholic father.

One of 2013's biggest misses was the highly anticipated home-invasion horror film, The Purge. However, it just so happens that, nowadays, a successful box-office calls the shots. After reeling in a strong total, a sequel has been green-lighted and the studio is wasting no time by pushing for a June release in 2014. Here's a brief look into The Purge: Anarchy, which finds a couple in an unfortunate situation as their car breaks down before the start of the annual Purge.

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