Monday, August 18, 2014

St. Vincent and Rudderless Trailers

At the beginning of the month I chronicled the Fall Oscar Preview and one of the films I highlighted was Theodore Melfi's indie comedy St. Vincent. Bill Murray stars in the title role as a grumpy old war veteran who convinces his new single-mother neighbor (Melissa McCarthy) to let him babysit her young boy after he finds out he's broke. With hearty laughs and a potential drama-filled mentor story at its core, St. Vincent could be Bill Murray's chance to return to the Oscar spotlight.

Yet another film out of this year's Sundance class due for an October release is actor William H. Macy's directorial debut, Rudderless. This tender drama tells the story of Sam Manning (Almost Famous' Billy Crudup), a grieving father whose life spirals out of control after the loss of his son, Josh. But when Sam discovers some of Josh's original music, he decides to start up a rock band and play his son's songs. Critics and audiences alike raved about the charming nature of William H. Macy's Rudderless.

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