Thursday, December 18, 2014

Knight of Cups and Mad Max: Fury Road Trailers

Filmmaker Terrence Malick possesses a loyal cult following, so the niche crowd clearly rejoiced at a glance into the upcoming 2015 film, Knight of Cups, starring Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman. There are very few people who view the world and artistic expression like Malick, evident from his mind blowing 2011 Oscar Nominated film, The Tree of Life. But with this latest project, Malick finally appears to be tackling a modern-day setting for once, something which could be a nice change of pace for the director. I'm eager to see how it translates, but if you're looking for a practical plot to the film, odds are you'll never get one. That isn't Malick's style, so you should see it for yourself.

Another cult classic franchise is getting a jump-start in 2015 with the long-awaited prequel, Mad Max: Fury Road. What makes this journey into the futuristic setting of a broken down wasteland so unconventional is original director George Miller returns after a three decade-long absence to revive the story. Move over Mel Gibson, because a superbly talented Tom Hardy takes over the title role of "Road Warrior" and the film, which Miller describes as one long "feature-length chase scene", has loyal fans stoked for its release.

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