Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goosebumps and The Finest Hours Trailers

Author R.L. Stine created one of the most iconic book franchises from my childhood, "Goosebumps". His collection of short scary stories helped shaped a young generation of readers, and now it gets the Hollywood treatment. Jack Black stars as Stine, who currently lives with his niece (Halston Sage) in the small town of Greendale, Maryland. But when a new teenage neighbor (Dylan Minnette) moves in next door and unknowingly unlocks all of the monsters from Stine's classic books, they must band together and save the town from these dastardly creations. Seemingly imaginative and hopefully as enjoyable as it appears, Goosebumps arrives in theaters on October 16th.

Disney has just unveiled the debut trailer of a 2016 early-year drama release which is based on a true story, The Finest Hours. Channeling memories of an old guilty pleasure of mine, the 2000 film The Perfect Storm, Chris Pine and Ben Foster star in this re-telling of the Coast Guard's daring 1952 rescue mission after two oil tankers are destroyed during a violent blizzard off the shores of Cape Cod. Prepare for the dramatics as Disney certainly aims to tug at those heartstrings. With an expected release date in January of 2016, check out the first look into The Finest Hours.

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