Friday, April 22, 2016

The Founder and The Girl on the Train Trailers

Over the last two years as a key figure in Best Picture winners Birdman and Spotlight, Michael Keaton failed to secure his first Oscar statue. This year he's back in the ring again in John Lee Hancock's The Founder. Keaton stars as McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, who fell into great fortune with a do-whatever-it-takes mentality. The Founder shows the cut-throat nature of business, in a similar vein of the powerhouse drama The Social Network. Check out the debut trailer for The Founder below.

Two years ago the success of David Fincher's adapted thriller, Gone Girl, has now helped pave the way for other dark psychological tales. The Girl on the Train, a novel getting the big screen treatment this October, gets its turn at critical and box office success. Emily Blunt stars as a divorced woman who believes she witnessed a kidnapping while riding the train to work. Her search for the facts sends her into a mental tailspin. The trailer is a little all over the place, but I'll certainly take a shot with The Girl on the Train.

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