Friday, May 19, 2017

The Glass Castle and It (NEW) Trailers

Brie Larson became a household name thanks to her Oscar-winning performance in the heavy 2015 drama, Room. Yet, anyone who's followed Larson knows that she's been offering quality work for quite some time now. Her most unforgivable omission came following a masterful turn in Destin Cretton's Short Term 12. The duo re-team in the 2017 August release, The Glass Castle. Larson stars as a young woman who must come to grips with her dysfunctional childhood upbringing at the hands of her drunkard father (Woody Harrelson), as she examines where her life currently stands. I was blown away by Short Term 12 and look forward to anything the collaborative talents of Cretton and Larson attempt. You can catch the debut trailer for The Glass Castle below.

Much has been made about the highly anticipated remake of Stephen King's classic tale, It. The film's debut trailer painted a familiar picture and Andres Muschietta's latest preview provides an in-depth look at the horror icon Pennywise. It centers around a group of unpopular kids living in the town of Derry, Maine who come face to face with an evil clown. It arrives in theaters this September, so in order to get your fix in the meantime, enjoy this new footage from Muschiettit and the entire team behind the reboot.

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