Saturday, January 9, 2010

My First Review: Adoration

Film: Adoration

Starring: Scott Speedman (The Strangers), Devon Bostick (Saw IV), and Rachel Blanchard (Road Trip)

U.S. Release: 2009

Director: Atom Eyogan

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 101 minutes

Generally, there is a template to a movie review. Begin with describing the back story. Introduce the reader to the main characters, and while outlining the plot, draw comparison's to other films with similarities (good or bad). I'm throwing this template out the window. I'm going to tell you what I saw, how I felt about it, and why you should or shouldn't see this movie.

Simon (Devon Bostick) isn't your typical high school student. Sure he looks and acts like a normal teenager, but his life story is filled with many questions and even fewer answers. One day in French class, Simon takes on an assignment and writes a first person narrative about his deceased father and mother. Simon describes, in such pristine detail, the day his father placed a bomb in his pregnant mother's suitcase, prior to boarding an international flight to Bethlehem. Simon's French teacher, Sabine, also happens to be the Drama teacher as well. Sabine and Simon decide to present the class with Simon's story, as real life fact. The story is all too realistic and questions begin to arise. Was Simon's father, Sami, actually a terrorist?

Adoration attempts to evoke deep heartfelt emotion from the audience. The storyline jumps around quite frequently to flashbacks of different eras. At times, the underlying questions you develop as a viewer about Sami, seem to deter from the empathy you're suppose to be feeling for the other characters. The film, quite determined to be clever, outdid itself.

All in all, Adoration is a film not suitable for the masses. There are many people who enjoy so-called "Indie Films", and many of those critics will rave above the complexity and beauty of the movie. I, however, feel Adoration progressed slowly, unraveled strangely, and ended predictably. The acting and intrigue was good enough to get me through it, but all in all, it's a "case sensitive" film. Be warned.

Watch Adoration if you enjoyed: Lions For Lambs

Stars: 1 and a half stars out of 4

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