Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Golden Globes Recap

If anything, last night's Golden Globe Awards reconfirmed that this year's Oscar run is a complete crap shoot. I went 6 out of 14 on my predictions and, shockingly, I feel like I was right on par with many other prognosticators. Now, in all actuality, the crossover between the Golden Globes and Oscars has no rhyme or reason. The Hollywood Foreign Press, which represents the voting body for the annual Globes ceremony, is only comprised of about 90 members. Therefore, sometimes, you can never really know what to expect from such a small and opinionated collection of people. But either way, especially with the hysterical and unfiltered host extraordinaire, Ricky Gervais, the Globes continues to represent one of Hollywood's most entertaining affairs. Here's a brief recap of how the last night's showcase unfolded (full list of winners):

Oh Alejandro!

Although Leo's well deserved win in the Best Actor race for the gory revenge drama, The Revenant, wasn't a big surprise, claiming the Best Drama and Best Director for two consecutive years (Birdman) reinforces the talents of filmmaker Alejandro G. Inarritu. Later this week I will reveal my yearly "Best of" list (much like the Oscars and Globes), and Inarritu is right there at the top of my directing list with his brilliant work for The Revenant. Everything this man puts to screen is an absolute "must-see", but I'm not sure I'm convinced that the older and more tempered voting body for the Academy Awards is going to go in the same direction. We'll just have to wait and see. And as for Leo, this should definitely be his year. Yet, he won a pair of Globes even before last night and still remains Oscar-less, so it's important to remember that nothing is guaranteed.

Uh oh, Spotlight, where did you go?

In an extremely surprising twist, presumed Oscar frontrunner, Tom McCarthy's Spotlight, was completely shut out at last night's Golden Globes. Without a viable lead acting candidate, McCarthy's film felt like an odd frontrunner and last night cemented that notion. Without question, Spotlight is a strong feature that unmasks a shocking true story surrounding the Catholic Church's sexual abuse cover-up. However, the movie lacks that "it-factor" the Academy desperately clings to. Therefore, as McCarthy's film continues to fall from its sturdy mountain-top position, it's anyone's guess which competitor will take its place.

Brie Larson? Yes, please!

There may not be a film from this past calendar year that packs quite the same punch as Lenny Abrahamson's adapted drama, The Room. In fact, I'm throwing all of my support behind this emotional masterpiece. While I find its Best Picture prospects mediocre at best, Brie Larson's much deserved win last night put her one step closer to claiming an Oscar statue. In an unprecedented fashion, 2015's female performances overshadow their male counterparts by a wide margin. Therefore, whoever wins the Best Actress race should feel truly honored, and Brie Larson's performance is simply the best. I've been a staunch supporter since her brutal Oscar omission for the moving indie drama, Short Term 12, and now Larson's finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Will the real supporting roles please stand up?

Two of the most head-scratching unknowns circling around this year's Academy Awards is identifying where Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) and Rooney Mara (Carol) will end up. Both roles commanded an immense amount of screen time, but the Supporting Actress race is a complete mystery until we determine if either (or both) land in the mix. Otherwise, I was thrilled to see Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs) walk away with the trophy last night because I would label her the most deserving in the field. As for the Best Supporting Actor race, the Globes handed the hardware to Sylvester Stallone (Creed), but my gut says the Oscars will go in a different direction. So different, in fact, that Stallone may not even make the cut. However, both races are still completely up in the air which help make this the most exciting awards season in recent memory. 

And the Oscar goes to ...

As I continue to point out, the Golden Globe results have a minimal effect (if any) on the final Oscar selections. Therefore supporters of The Revenant and The Martian, both of which fared extremely well last night, should keep their excitement in check. But if Spotlight is in a free-fall, which Best Picture contender will take its place? We'll have to continue to keep an eye on where the different Guild Awards seem to go and constantly dissect this fluid situation. Yet, I wouldn't put it past a sleeper like The Big Short or Room to sneak in and shock us all. But no matter how this crowded and unpredictable race shakes out, it will be a fun ride to the very end.

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