Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Free Oscar Contest

Now that Oscar Nominations have officially been handed out, it's time to sign up for our free Oscar pool. Between now and Sunday February 28th you can enter the contest by following the directions below (all it requires is an email address with NO SPAM ever!):

Step 2: In the "Join Password" box type - oscargold

Step 3: Fill out the form including a username, password and email address

Then, once you're signed up, pick a winner in each Oscar category (once again, you have until February 28th to make/change your selections). The winner of the contest will receive a $50 gift card to a movie theater chain of their choice (Regal, AMC or Landmark Theaters). Invite as many friends as you'd like!

Note: The winner must have a mailing address in the 48 continental states.

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