Sunday, June 4, 2017

DVD Outlook: June 2017

With Wonder Woman's massive weekend opening just the beginning of what could become a busy month of big-screen cinema, June's new streaming and purchase options may have a hard time competing (May's suggestions). But if you're trying to avoid the movie crowds and prefer a stay-at-home option for the month, you can find June's upcoming releases below:

T2 Trainspotting - 3 stars out of 4 - (Read my rapid review here)

A clear cut above the rest of the month's options (of the movies that I've seen, at least), Danny Boyle's long-awaited sequel to the iconic 90s junkie comedy, Trainspotting, proves to be a successful return. T2 picks up twenty years after the original, a cleaned-up Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) returns to his Edinburgh roots where he attempts to make amends with the same friends that he ripped off during a major drug deal before he left. Boyle's follow-up does a fantastic job of standing alone as its own film (so don't feel obligated to have seen the original), all while being completely nostalgic and respectful to its source material. Comedy and drama combine in an extraordinary fashion in T2 Trainspotting. (June 27th)

The Lego Batman Movie - 2 and a half stars out of 4 - (Read my rapid review here)

I'm not the easiest critic when it comes to animated family films, but I found The Lego Batman Movie to be a humorous watch. While its predecessor, The Lego Movie, cleaned up at the box office and mustered an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Song, this spin-off of sorts clearer outshines the former. The film dives deep into the superhero vs. villain world of Batman (voice of Will Arnett) where the caped-crusader has to ditch his solo Gotham-saving ways and work in tandem with some new faces in order to stop The Joker's (voice of Zach Galifianakis) latest Earth-shattering scheme. The Lego Batman Movie sells a valuable message of teamwork wrapped inside of a silly, yet enjoyable, story. (June 13th)

The Belko Experiment - 2 and a half stars out of 4 - (Read my rapid review here)

As an avid horror fan, Greg McLean's The Belko Experiment delivers some pretty chilling footage. From the mind of Guardians of the Galaxy figurehead, James Gunn, comes the twisted story of a government office tucked away in Bogota, Colombia, where the building randomly turns into an inescapable fortress and the employees are pitted against one another in a game of survival. If you're into blood, guts and heads exploding, well The Belko Experiment doesn't shy away from extremely graphic imagery. The film succeeds on its strengths, while also possessing its fair share of weaknesses. Like most horror movies, The Belko Experiment suffers from a few shaky plot-holes. However, the violence and bloodshed is guaranteed to satisfy your horror movie cravings. (June 27th)

Honorable Mention: It's a popular title that I anticipate enjoying, but I still haven't seen Disney's Beauty and the Beast (6/6) remake yet. Also, John Wick: Chapter 2 (6/13) continues to earn solid reviews and a loyal cult following, while Power Rangers (6/27) and Life (6/20) are two other notable releases available this month that I haven't seen. I wasn't overly impressed by either Gore Verbinski's latest thriller A Cure for Wellness (6/6), or the wedding comedy Table 19 (6/13) starring Anna Kendrick. Closing out the month of June are a pair of comedies I haven't watched yet, the buddy cop film CHIPS (6/27) and Woody Harrelson's latest vulgar work, Wilson (6/20).

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