Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Kings of Summer and Aftershock (Red Band) Trailers

I am looking forward to tonight's screening of the coming-of-age film from the Sundance Film Festival, The Kings of Summer. Gabriel Basso (Super 8), Nick Robinson and Moises Arias star as three teenage friends who make the ultimate pact of freedom by running away from home during summer vacation. They build their own house in the woods and decide to live off the land, free from any parental reign and responsibility. Check out the trailer for this lighthearted comedy below.

Horror guru Eli Roth returns as a producer for Aftershock, the chilling tale about a group of travelers in Chile who are partying in an underground nightclub when an earthquake creates utter chaos. However, when they finally reach the surface, the realize this is just the beginning of their nightmare. The new Red Band trailer for Aftershock holds nothing back, as Roth and company plan to deliver on gore and insane death scenes yet again. Check out the trailer below.

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