Monday, June 3, 2013

Prisoners and Closed Circuit Trailers

Fresh off an Oscar-Nominated turn in 2012's Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman returns in the semi-controversial thriller Prisoners. When a Boston man's young daughter and her best friend are kidnapped, police arrest a suspect but there's no evidence to formally charge him. Convinced that the authorities have the right guy, the father goes vigilante and kidnaps the suspect and tries to make him confess. The premise is intriguing and the moral debates are enticing enough to perk my interest. Jackman is joined by an unbelievable cast also including Viola Davis, Terrence Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Maria Bello and Melissa Leo. Check out the trailer for Prisoners below.

In the wake of this millennium's war on terror and The Patriot Act, comes another thriller called Closed Circuit. When a terrorist bombing tragedy leads to an international trial, two defense lawyers (Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall) fight to unlock the truth behind their client and his role in the ordeal. Presumably an intense mind-bending feature, check out the trailer for Closed Circuit below.

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