Monday, September 9, 2013

DVD Outlook: September 2013

What’s up with the price of movie tickets these days? They’re a bank-buster, am I right? One way to circumvent draining your life savings is to hold off until the movies you want to see make their way to DVD. Here’s a look at the best films coming to Redbox and Video-On-Demand in September. (Click here for August)

The Kings of Summer - 3 stars out of 4 (Read my review here)

One of the year’s best comedies also happens to be one of the most overlooked indie films of 2013. The Sundance Film Festival entry The Kings of Summer (formerly titled Toy’s House) delivers all of the nostalgic and carefree goodness you could possibly want. When two best friends decide that their overbearing parents are too much to handle, they decide to run away and build their own house deep in the woods. With an odd-ball wildcard named Biaggio tagging along for the ride, these three teenagers learn about life, love and responsibility. One of the greatest aspects of The Kings of Summer is its refusal to cater to the sentimental and sappy storylines that always manage to plague a stellar comedy. The laughs are non-stop and the journey is beyond enjoyable … it’s epic. This is one indie gem you won’t want to miss. (SEPTEMBER 24TH)

World War Z - 3 stars out of 4 (Read my review here)

Brad Pitt’s coddled and long-awaited baby, World War Z, proved to be one of the summer’s biggest hits. But not only was it a box-office smash, the zombie action film was a massively energetic and engaging thrill ride. When fast-moving and flesh-eating undead spread like wildfire, government officials take shelter on aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean. Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a former U.N. investigator who is literally “forced” to seek out a cure to this apocalyptic disease. World War Zis a high-octane adventure that’s sure to appeal to action enthusiasts, zombie lovers and fans of a strong story. If you missed out on this big-budget summer blockbuster, be sure to catch it later this month. (SEPTEMBER 17TH)

The East - 3 stars out of 4 (Read my review here)

One often criticized facet of modern Hollywood is the lack of originality and clever ideas. Well one of 2013′s most unique and intriguing screenplays came in the form of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s The East. As another Sundance Film Festival selection, The East centers around a private intelligence firm operative (played by Brit Marling) who infiltrates an anarchist group wreaking havoc on major corporations. A rare diamond in the rough that’s highly psychological and makes you question your own personal morals, The East satisfies on a multitude of levels. Thanks in large part to a collection of supporting roles from big names like Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson and Alex Skarsgard, this feels a lot less like an independent film and more so a modestly-budgeted game-changer. (SEPTEMBER 17TH)

Honorable Mention: It’s also worth taking a flier on the illusionist thriller Now You See Me (SEPTEMBER 3RD) starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson. And although I can’t vouch for either film since I haven't seen them, I’ve heard solid feedback on both Disconnect (SEPTEMBER 17th) and The Iceman (SEPTEMBER 3RD).

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