Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Philomena and Dom Hemingway Trailers

Academy Award Winner Judi Dench and comedian Steve Coogan star in the upcoming feel-good comedy Philomena. Centering around a journalist who tackles the story of a woman forced to give up her son at birth decades ago, Philomena has received a ton of attention following its first world screenings at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. As a dark horse for Oscar contention, check out the trailer for Philomena below.

After spending twelve years in prison for simply keeping his mouth shut, Dom Hemingway (played by Jude Law) reemerges in London to collect the money that he's owed. From the producers of Sexy Beast and the director of The Matador, Dom Hemingway has all the makings of a fun-filled crime comedy. Check out the film's firth theatrical trailer below.

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  1. It's a film that might have lapsed into melodrama but didn't, that could have laboured the story's various twists but doesn't, that sets out to show the human cost of a little known, ugly chapter in Irish history and does.