Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Industry News: Harold Ramis Passes Away

After the shocking death of Philips Seymour Hoffman a little over three weeks ago, Hollywood continues to mourn the devastating losses of renowned child-star Shirley Temple and versatile comedian Harold Ramis. While Temple embraced the onscreen glory and grew into a major celebrity, Ramis expanded his horizons and dabbled in acting, directing and screenwriting. Ramis is most remembered for his role as Egon in the Ghostbusters franchise, but the multi-talented comedian is also credited as a writer and/or director for classic films such as Caddyshack, Animal House, National Lampoon's Vacation, Groundhog Day and one of my guilty pleasures, Back to School. Harold Ramis was a legendary voice in American comedy and he'll sorely by missed.

In other news, Hollywood has been heating up with the casting calls. Forrest Gump director, Robert Zemeckis, continues with his return to live action after the success of 2012's Flight starring an Oscar-Nominated Denzel Washington. It's been reported that that Zemeckis' next project, titled To Walk the Clouds, will star the newly cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the famed French high-wire professional Phillipe Petit. Hoping to enhance the experience, To Walk the Clouds is expected to be filmed in 3D.

Fans of the cult classic Point Break may want to stop reading now. The 1991 heist film is getting the often mishandled remake treatment. Not too long ago it was confirmed that Gerard Butler was cast in Patrick Swayze's role of Bohdi and the production team has finally found their Johnny Utah. Aussie actor Luke Bracey will oversee Keanu Reeve's originated role. Bracey has also be in headlines somewhat recently as it was announced he'd be taking over for the late Paul Walker in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks adapted film, The Best of Me.

Furthermore, Bradley Cooper is officially on board as both a producer and star of the crime thriller American Blood. Cooper is believed to be playing a former NYPD officer living in New Mexico in the witness protection program after testifying against the mob. And while there, he stirs up some trouble by investigating the disappearance of a woman. Sounds very intriguing!

And finally, Amanda Seyfriend is set to lead alongside Mark Wahlberg in Seth MacFarlane's Ted 2. Mila Kunis will still be given a tiny role in the film, although it's rumored that MacFarlane wished to take the plot in a different direction.

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