Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Skeleton Twins and Life After Beth Trailers

I'm excited to announce the recent release of theatrical trailers for a pair of Sundance Film Festival selections that I had a chance to catch earlier this year. First up is the comedy/drama The Skeleton Twins starring Saturday Night Live standouts Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. After 10 years apart from one another, twins Maggie and Milo are forced to reconnect and discover where exactly their lives went wrong. There's plenty of laughs and certainly enough drama for both Hader and Wiig to put on fine acting displays. Feel free to read my review for The Skeleton Twins and check out the debut trailer for the September release.

The second debut trailer comes from the raved about zombie comedy, Life After Beth. Following the tragic death of his high school girlfriend, Zach (played by Dane DeHaan) struggles to overcome countless regrets and move forward with his life. Then, Beth (Aubrey Plaza) miraculously emerges from the dead and it gives Zach an opportunity to do and say everything he missed out on before. But one issue remains, Beth slowly transforms into a flesh-eating monster and it creates an awkward dynamic to their young romance. While you can read a brief description from my Sundance Recap on why I wasn't a huge fan of Life After Beth, catch the trailer and decide for yourself if it's something you may enjoy.

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