Monday, October 6, 2014

American Sniper and Interstellar (NEW) Trailers

Clint Eastwood's directing career has been on a bit of a down swing lately after misfires such as Jersey Boys, J. Edgar and Hereafter. But Eastwood's at it again this year with American Sniper, a Navy SEAL's (Bradley Cooper) account of the 150+ confirmed kills during his military career. And as this debut teaser trailer confirms, the situations and intensity turn American Sniper into an eye-opening examination of an usual and sometimes difficult career path.

We're only about a month out from Christopher Nolan's latest work, Interstellar. A more dramatic and ambitious effort finds Matthew McConaughey as a masterful pilot who joins a team of explorers on a mission to the far reaches of outer space in order to discover a new world capable of sustaining human life after Earth's resources begin to dwindle. Nolan put his stamp on the superhero genre with his The Dark Knight trilogy, and this November he hopes to do the same with an epic sci-fi adventure like nothing we've ever scene. Be sure to check out the newest Interstellar trailer below.

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  1. DID we really need LAST year's People magazine 'controversy'
    in panavision?