Saturday, December 6, 2014

Terminator Genisys and Cake Trailers

Franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, "I'll be back", and he wasn't kidding around. Terminator Genisys arrives in 2015 and Arnold makes his long awaited return to the series that he helped build. This time, however, Alan Taylor has been given the keys to direct. And if you aren't familiar with the name, Taylor has dabbled in the premium television ranks having directed a small number of episodes for shows such as Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and The Sopranos, all before tackling the 2013 blockbuster Thor: The Dark World. Check out the debut trailer for Terminator Genisys below.

Megastar Jennifer Aniston could be in line for the first Oscar Nomination of her career with what many have labeled as a "brilliant" performance in the festival circuit hit, Cake. Aniston stars as Claire, a woman fascinated by the suicide of a fellow member (Anna Kendrick) of the chronic pain support group she attends. Her curiosity leads her to the deceased woman's home, where Claire meets the widower (Terminator Salvation alumni Sam Worthington) and develops a relationship with him. In limited release this December and expanding in January, check out the trailer for Cake below.

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