Friday, February 6, 2015

Poltergeist and The Reach Trailers

Filmmaker Gil Kenan is handed the keys to the 2015 horror remake, Poltergeist. Move over coach Craig T. Nelson, because the lovable Sam Rockwell is the new man of the house. And when Eric Bowen (Rockwell) decides to move his family into the ideal suburban home, the unthinkable happens as angry spirits begin to torment them and capture their youngest daughter. Poltergeist hits theaters this July and here's a first official look at Kenan's re-imagining of the horror classic.

Legendary actor Michael Douglas continues to churn out films in the latter stages of his career, and the latest one brings him together with War Horse star, Jeremy Irvine, in The Reach. The thriller follows a wealthy corporate shark (Douglas) who ventures deep into the Mojave Desert for a big-game hunting trip with a young guide (Irvine). However, when things take an accidental turn for the worse, the tycoon and resourceful guide match wits in a deadly cat & mouse game. Check out the trailer for The Reach below.

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