Monday, August 10, 2015

By the Sea and Freeheld Trailers

The last time we discussed an Angelina Jolie film with Oscar aspirations, we ended up immensely let down by the actress turned filmmaker's 2014 December release, Unbroken. Although Jolie's dedication to the amazing life of Louis Zamperini never matched the hype, she's jumping back into this year's mix of presumed contenders with the relationship drama, By the Sea. Jolie and her real life beau, Brad Pitt, star as a couple falling out of love who travel to a small seaside town in France and grow close with local inhabitants. Slated for a November 13th release, check out the debut teaser trailer for By the Sea.

Julianne Moore never seems to turn down a role that we could define as, "Oscar bait". The result was her first Oscar win for her performance in a mediocre melodrama with last year's Still Alice. Moore clearly hopes to return for a repeat with this year's Freeheld. When a New Jersey police lieutenant (Moore) becomes diagnosed with terminal cancer, she must fight to have her pension benefits legally carried over to her domestic partner (Ellen Page). This same-sex couple drama is sure to garner the Academy's attention for at least content alone, so here's a first look into Freeheld.

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