Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bad Moms and Snowden (NEW) Trailers

As the summer blockbuster season kicks off with a bang this weekend, thanks to the wildly anticipated Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, another late-summer entry debuted a trailer. Bad Moms is giving the raunchy comedy genre a full femme makeover this July. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn star as a trio of overly exhausted moms who decide its time to let loose as they plot to take-down a group of seemingly perfect mothers. Bad Moms initially peaked my interest with a wide-ranging and talented cast, yet this debut trailer left a little to be desired. You should decide for yourself, though, if Bad Moms can be the breakout comedy of the summer.

After watching the Oscar-winning documentary, Citizenfour, which chronicled Edward Snowden's shocking revelation of the U.S. government's infringement on our personal privacy, I was excited to hear that there was a dramatic adaptation in the works. However, putting an important story such as this in the hands of filmmaker Oliver Stone can be a risky proposition. Joseph Gordon-Levitt alters his voice and all in the lead role of whistle blower, Edward Snowden. And as Snowden discoveries what exactly is going on behind closed doors at the NSA, he becomes the world's most notorious fugitive as he leaks classified information to the press. It's a truly remarkable story and hopefully Oliver Stone can tell the story in an objective and genuine way. Here's a look at Snowden's newest trailer, it arrives in theaters this September.

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