Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Live by Night (NEW) and Hidden Figures (NEW) Trailers

Ben Affleck is quickly climbing the ranks as one of Hollywood's most prominent filmmakers. After his last effort, Argo, won Best Picture, all eyes are shifting to Affleck's upcoming release, Live by Night. Affleck stars as a prohibition era gangster who learns that getting out of the racket is far more difficult than it appears. Live by Night will receive a late-year qualifying run, but don't expect to see it in theaters until January. Some things are definitely worth the wait, catch the film's final trailer below and see for yourself.

Theodore Melfi impressed audiences with his 2014 directorial debut, St. Vincent. Melfi returns in 2016 with another crowd-pleasing story, but this one's of the factual variety. Hidden Figures tells the true story of three African American women who were pivotal in launching the United States' first successful space mission during the 1960s. Academy Award Winner Octavia Spencer and co-stars Taraji Henson and Janelle Monae help bring this inspiring tale to life. Catch the new trailer for Hidden Figures below.

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