Monday, July 10, 2017

The Dark Tower (NEW) and Geostorm Trailers

It took a while for Stephen King's series-origin novel, The Dark Tower, to finally get transferred onto the big-screen, but with each new trailer the excitement builds for Nikolaj Arcel's adaptation. Idri Elba stars as The Gunslinger, a man who protects the Dark Tower from The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) who wishes to reign terror on both their world and planet Earth. A new international trailer has just landed for The Dark Tower and gives an even deeper glimpse into the upcoming August release. Check out the new footage below.

If you're itching for a cheesy end of the world action flick with some insane visual effects, then Dean Devlin and Danny Cannon's have just what you're looking floor with their October release, Geostorm. Set in a future where severe storms have threatened human survival on Earth, humanity comes together to build a satellite system that can control the weather. But when those satellites begin to malfunction just as Earth faces a catastrophic storm, a pair of brothers (Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess) are on a race against time to fix the issue and save humanity from annihilation. You can catch the debut trailer for Geostorm below.


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