Friday, November 3, 2017

I, Tonya (RED BAND) and The Disaster Artist (NEW) Trailers

One of the most memorable movies from this year's Philadelphia Film Festival was Craig Gillespie's Opening Night selection I, Tonya. Margot Robbie stars as controversial figure skater Tonya Harding, whose blistering redneck upbringing at the hands of her physically and emotionally abusive mother (Allison Janney), as well as her failed marriage to the buffoonish Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan), all lead to her ultimate demise. In an ultra-self-aware and surprisingly edgy fashion we relive the news story that took America by storm in the early 1990s. The film is bound to land in the Oscar discussion and you can check out the official red band trailer for I, Tonya below.

Another possible late-year awards contender comes from the unlikely comedic duo of James Franco and Seth Rogen. Franco directs and stars as Tommy Wiseau, the talent-less "artist" who went on to create "The Room" in 2003, a film widely regarded as the worst movie ever made. The Disaster Artist's debut trailer a few month back depicted a comedy-infused affair, while this new footage illustrates a more dramatic endeavor. My guess is everyone involved wanted to deliver a more Oscar-friendly trailer as the awards season begins to heat up. But no matter the rationale, it's worth catching the latest trailer for The Disaster Artist below.

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