Tuesday, June 2, 2015

American Ultra (Red Band) and The End of the Tour Trailers

Academy Award Nominee Jesse Eisenberg reached a pinnacle of success at the turn of the last decade. But the Zombieland and The Social Network star plans a revival in 2015 with a pair of intriguing releases. The first of which is American Ultra where Eisenberg stars as a stoner, who also happens to unknowingly be a government-created killing machine, finds his life in a tailspin after the powers that be label him as a liability. This action-comedy has a high bust potential (no pun intended), but there's a part of me that sees some legitimate humor in Nima Nourizadeh's directorial follow-up to his blunder of a debut, Project X. Check out the first red band trailer for the August comedy, American Ultra, below.

Now, on a more serious note, Eisenberg has another release coming from an aspiring filmmaker that I've grown to enjoy over the past few years. James Ponsoldt, director of The Spectacular Now and Smashed, returns with the Sundance selection The End of the Tour starring Eisenberg and Jason Segel. This festival darling follows the life of renowned American writer David Foster Wallace (Segel) and the unforgettable five-day road trip he took with interviewer David Lipsky (Eisenberg) during Wallace's book for his adored novel, Infinite Jest, in the late 90s. Arriving in theaters this July, check out the debut trailer for The End of the Tour below.

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