Friday, June 12, 2015

The Program and Regression (NEW) Trailers

The sporting world was floored when it discovered that the honored cyclist, Lance Armstrong, was actually a cheat. This year one of my personal favorite performers, Ben Foster, will put his talents on display in Philomena director, Stephen Frears', biopic of Armstrong, The Program. Tackling a rare dramatic role in this presumed Oscar contender is co-star, Chris O'Dowd, who actually looks quite impressive in the role of David Walsh, the Irish sports journalist who brought the cyclist to his ultimate demise. Although The Program has no official U.S. release date yet, you should still expect it to make a late-year Oscar push.

Despite knowing very little about Alejandro Amenabar's (The Others) new dark thriller, Regression, trailers keep popping up and they're very intriguing. We do know that Emma Watson stars as Angela Gray, a young woman who was sexually abused as a child by her confessing father but can't seem to remember the events. Ethan Hawke co-stars as Bruce Kenner, an investigator trying to unlock the secrets of this mysterious case. Oscar whispers are already floating around for Emma Watson's work in the film, so check out the trailer for the August thriller, Regression.

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