Friday, January 18, 2013

Ted 2 Confirmed, Gremlins Reboot? And more!

In a recent interview, Mark Wahlberg officially confirmed that a deal was in place for a sequel and Ted 2  is currently getting under way as writers are hard at work putting together a script for the film. Wahlberg went on to spill the beans that the furry animated wise guy will also be making a guest appearance on February 24th's Academy Awards in which creator Seth MacFarlane will be hosting. [courtesy of Totalfilm]

As the new phrase in Hollywood seems to go, "All good things must be remade eventually". Nearly thirty years ago the cult classic Gremlins gave us (another) furry little Mogwai friend named Gizmo and 3 simple rules: Don't him to bright light (it will kill him), don't get him wet (he will multiply) and don't feed him after midnight (and now we all know why!). According to Vulture, Warner Bors. is in negotiations with Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment to try and reboot the 1984 hit. Nothing is definite yet, but the seed has been planted and we may eventually get the return of Gizmo and Gremlins.

It's been announced that director Brian De Palma and actor Al Pacino will complete the trifecta. Having already worked together on classics such as Scarface and Carlito's Way, the duo are teaming up once again to chronicle the rise and fall of legendary football coach Joe Paterno in the upcoming film (currently titled) Happy Valley. Pacino was first reported to be in talks to play the controversial Penn State icon back in September, but it's just been released that Brian De Palma has signed on to direct. This will be their first collaboration since 1993 as they tackle a highly sensitive issue regarding Joe Paterno's prior knowledge of the horrendous child molestation scandal surrounding Penn State University. These revelations ultimately lead to Paterno's dismissal as head football coach and, shortly after, his death. [courtesy of Nextmovie]

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