Thursday, April 10, 2014

22 Jump Street (New Red Band) and Chef Trailers

Our first few looks at the highly anticipated sequel 22 Jump Street have been vague and uninformative. Today launched the second official Red Band trailer for the film which gives audiences a better understanding of what they should expect from the Summer blockbuster. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return to Jump Street for an assignment at college. And if that doesn't sound wild enough for you, how about a trip to Spring Break? Check out the newest Red Band trailer for 22 Jump Street which arrives in theatres on June 13th.

The SXSW festival always introduces some very strong independent films. This year included the new drama Chef from writer, director and star Jon Favreau. Playing more as a comedy/drama than his usual action packed work such as Iron Man, Favreau's latest effort follows a talented chef who opens up his own food truck in order to stay creative with his zest for cooking. Primed for a May release, check out the debut trailer for Jon Favreau's Chef.


  1. I think because of the success of the first film, the marketing department probably didn't feel the need to lay all their cards on the table and pull out all the big jokes for the trailer. There was no need to make a big comedic splash because they know they already have an audience for it. That's my guess.