Saturday, May 17, 2014

Interstellar (NEW) and Hellion Trailers

Perhaps the highlight of the recent Godzilla reboot was the sneak peak into director Christopher Nolan's (Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy) new sci-fi adventure, Interstellar. We're still about six months out from its November release and specifics have been unsurprisingly kept quiet, but this new trailer reveals just enough to build the anticipation. Matthew McConaughey stars as a father who joins a space exploration mission to discover a new place for human life to inhabit after Earth begins to run out of resources

One of the most buzzed about dramas out of this year's Sundance class was the heavy-hitting film Hellion. Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul stars as a single father unable to keep his teenage son under control. As the kid's behavior continues to spiral out of control, the state intervenes and takes the children away from their alcoholic father. Check out the first official trailer for Hellion below.

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