Thursday, May 22, 2014

Magic in the Moonlight and Wish I Was Here Trailers

Despite all of his publicly disputed sexual abuse allegations, writer/director Woody Allen knows how to captivate an audience. This July, he plans to do it again with his highly anticipated release, Magic in the Moonlight. Colin Firth stars as a man brought in to debunk a potentially fraudulent clairvoyant (Emma Stone) but when he can't find a way to discredit her abilities, he ends up falling for the unique woman. Check out the debut trailer for Magic in the Moonlight below.

Zach Braff returns with his first directorial effort since the release of his cult classic, Garden State. With Braff's latest effort, Wish I Was Here, he plays  a struggling actor, father and husband who begins homeschooling his two children after their grandfather can no longer afford to pay for their private education. Through his unorthodox teaching method, he begins to learn a lot about himself. This Sundance Film Festival selection was praised by critics and reaches theatres in late July. Check out the trailer for Wish I Was Here below.

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