Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fences and 20th Century Women Trailers

A pair of potential Oscar players dropped trailers today. First up is Fences, both starring and directed by two-time Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington. He stars as Troy, a garbageman struggling with race relations in the 1950s while trying to raise a family alongside his loyal wife Rose (Viola Davis). This initial teaser look at the film portrays the heavy type of emotional hitter that the Oscars generally swoon over. It's still a little early in the ballgame, but Fences is one movie you'll want to keep on your radar as it finds a release in late December.

Another film boasting Oscar caliber performances comes from the intriguing director Mike Mills. Mills oversaw Christopher Plummer's Oscar reign from the film Beginners, and he hopes to recapture past glory with Annette Bening in 20th Century Women. The movie follows the joint stories of three women in late 1970s Southern California who experience love and freedom in the changing world. This debut teaser trailer for 20th Century Women doesn't reveal an enormous amount about the potential awards contender, but it gives a glimpse of the performances which are guaranteed to shine. 20th Century Women will begin making the rounds this October, catch a glimpse below.

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