Saturday, September 10, 2016

Live by Night and Gold Trailers

Ben Affleck's directing career has gotten off to a phenomenal start, one so impressive that it dwarfs his acting achievements by comparison. Having delivered quality entertaining works such as Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Best Picture winner, Argo, it's impossible not to get excited for his upcoming end-of-the-year release, Live By Night. The prohibition era gangster flick follows Josh Coughlin (Affleck), the son of a police captain who ditches his law-abiding upbringing for a luxurious and lucrative life of crime, all until he realizes that no one can be trusted. Affleck's track record speaks for itself, yet I wasn't overly thrilled by this latest film's debut trailer. Either way, Live by Night will probably end up in this year's Oscar discussion so be sure to catch a first glimpse of the film below.

Another late-year trailer to debut comes from the Oscar winning writer of Traffic and the director of Syriana, Stephen Gaghan. Gold stars Matthew McConaughey as a big dreamer who's desperate for a little luck. And when a vivid dream sets him on an excursion to Indonesia, he convinces a business partner that a piece of land houses enormous amounts of gold. Based on a wild true story, Gold appears to have all the makings of an emotional roller coaster. Slated for a Christmas Day release, I'm sure Gaghan and McConaughey are hoping for a viable awards season contender. Check out the first trailer for Gold below.

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