Thursday, November 29, 2012

Now You See Me and Freeloaders Trailers

Director Louis Leterrier (Clash of the Titans) brings us his latest work, Now You See Me, which sports an all star cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Morgan Freeman. The film centers around a group of illusionists who rob a bank during a performance and give the money to the audience. As a result, they become part of a major investigation by the FBI to understand how the feat was pulled off. Sporting a suspenseful and action-packed vibe, Now You See Me could make for a riveting Summer blockbuster. Check out its trailer below.

Next up is the trailer for Freeloaders, the newest release from the Broken Lizard's team that brought comedies such as Super Troopers, Beerfest and Club Dread. The film follows a bunch of middle-aged adults who spend their lives shacking up in a paid-for mansion living a life of endless partying and no responsibilities. But when a real estate agent shows up to let them know that the property is being put on the market to be sold, the group of slacker friends need to find a way to keep their dream house from being sold. Far from an original storyline, Freeloaders could either be a welcome addition from the talented comedic minds that created Super Troopers, or a disaster waiting to happen. Check out the trailer below and form your own opinion.

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