Friday, November 16, 2012

Oz the Great and Powerful and Admission Trailers

The Wizard of Oz is an irrefutable timeless classic. For that reason alone, it's a perfectly normal reaction to cringe at the sound of a prequel. However, director Sam Raimi's second trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful has me quite intrigued. Starring Academy Award Nominee James Franco as small time magician Oscar Diggs, Oz the Great and Powerful follows Diggs on his magical journey and inevitable transformation into the well-known the Wizard of Oz. If you can withstand the thought, check out the trailer below.

Saturday Night Live writer Tina Fey returns in 2013 with the romantic comedy Admission. Fey stars as a college admissions officer who falls for an old classmate (played by Paul Rudd). While I was a little unimpressed by the half-hearted laughs that the trailer generates, Fey is always a wild car who can show up strong and surprise you. Check out the trailer for Admission below.

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