Thursday, November 8, 2012

World War Z and Movie 43 Trailers

There have been two recent trailers released for some big time 2013 movies, the zombie thriller World War Z and the star-filled comedy Movie 43. With World War Z Brad Pitt stars as U.N. employee Gerry Lane who travels the world to try and stop a zombie pandemic. The trailer depicts a wonderfully shot film backed by a talented mega star. With zombies recently overthrowing the vampire craze that swept the globe, World War Z couldn't have planned for a better release date. Check out the trailer below.

Also released was the R-Rated Red Band trailer for the upcoming comedy Movie 43. Although the vulgar comedy seemingly offers no plot, rumors circulating the internet claim that the movie is about two teenager stoners and their 11 year old computer whiz brother. Together, the three youngsters attempt scour the internet to find Movie 43, the most banned movie in the world. While breaking into banned website after banned website, they come across all different kinds of banned movies (which are the multiple stories you see throughout the trailer). In between some of these short movies, Movie 43 returns to its central characters along their internet journey. Check out the highly offensive and outrageous Red Band trailer for Movie 43 by clicking below. Be warned, thematerial may be offensive to some.

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